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Barbecue Grill Cover
How to Protect Your Grill

A barbecue grill cover is required to protect your grill from the outdoor elements. Even a small barbecue charcoal grill deserves a cover. In order to keep your grill operational it is best to purchase one if one is not included with the grill when you purchase it.

Grill covers can be purchased in a variety of sizes. Make sure the cover has adjustable pull straps or strong elastic on the bottom to ensure a tight fit around your grill regardless of size. It is important to have a tight fit around the bottom of the grill. When the wind starts blowing, you do not want to be looking for your cover in your neighbor's yard.

barbecue grill cover
Barbecue grill covers are made from a variety of fabrics and vinyl. Properly treated, polyester is the best material for barbecue grill covers. Polyester is lightweight, but extremely durable so it can be used year round. Polyester stays soft to minus 40 degrees! You can leave your barbecue grill outside and covered for the winter. The polyester is treated as it is being made into rolls. First, the yarn is treated with a special chemical that coats it and makes the polyester highly water and UV resistant (those harmful rays from the sun that cause our skin to look old and colors in fabric to fade) Secondly, polyurethane is applied on the back side of the fabric to create a highly water resistant barrier and provide ultimate protection for your barbecue grill. Without this special treatment, water would easily pass through polyester because it is a woven product.

If you purchase a vinyl barbecue grill cover, make sure the vinyl is made of a sufficient gauge vinyl. 12 gauge vinyl is the best. However, there are covers for sale in the marketplace made of thinner 8 or 10 gauge vinyl. The thinner gauge vinyl will not last as long especially in colder weather. The vinyl will become brittle and crack.

The type of lining used is important because it allows the cover to be durable as well as tear and puncture-resistant. A vinyl or plastic barbecue grill cover is useless without lining. Although Fleece lining looks great in a store environment, it is not recommended. Fleece falls apart easily leaving debris everywhere. In addition, when it gets wet it takes forever to dry out. If it stays wet, mildew thrives. Even worse, rodents love fleece during cooler months because it’s warm. You don’t want any surprises when you’re pulling off your gas grill cover in the spring!

Again, polyester is the recommended lining. Additionally, it will never fall apart and polyester dries very quickly when it gets wet. Polyester will also deter small animals and they will go elsewhere to find a warmer place to hide.

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