grilling corn on the cob guide

Grilling Corn On the Cob
Different and Easy

Grilling corn on the cob - just the thought makes my mouth water. Of course the very best corn is grown in the north and is normally available from September through October. When the corn is picked fresh and then gilled the same day - so goooood.

there are many ways to cook corn on the cob. However, my favorite is grilling fresh corn on the cob. Grilling corn on the cob alone is worth the time and energy even if you are not going to cook any other food on the grill, For the best grilled corn, first you will need to cut off the corn silk and husks near the end of the corn. Peel off any of the loose husks that remain. Cut the stem of the corn near the other end. Now fill your sink with cold water and let all of the corn with husks soak in the water for 30 - 45 minutes. Approximately 15 minutes before you are ready to cook the corn turn on your grill so it can heat to a temperature of 400 degrees with the cover closed. You want the temperature to be around 400 degrees for grilling corn on the cob.

Once the grill has reached temperature, open the hood and place the corn on the warming shelf so the corn extends out over the edge of the warming shelf. Close the hood as fast as possible to minimize heat loss. Every 5 minutes, open the grill hood and rotate the ears of corn 180 degrees. You should also move the ears of corn on the rack taking the ear at the end and putting it at the beginning. Slide all the other ears down one space. This allows all of the ears of corn to cook evenly regardless of the hot spots in your grill. Use a set of cooking tongs to turn and move the corn as they will be very hot. The corn will take from 30 - 45 minutes to cook. The actual time depends upon your grill and the heat loss encountered when opening the grill cover. You can tell when the corn is finally cooked when the leaves dry out and become brittle. Some of the leaves may even turn black on the tips and fall off - that is normal. It is difficult to over cook corn on the cob using this method, so if in doubt let the corn cook five minutes longer.

Once the corn is cooked, use the tongs to remove the corn from the grill warming shelf. You van serve the corn in the husks and let each person shuck their own. Or shuck them all and serve piping hot. Leaving the husks on will keep the corn hotter for a longer time period.

Lather the corn with butter, salt and pepper - um um so gooood. Grilling corn on the cob using this method really makes the corn tender without being water logged. Cooking the corn this way also makes tough corn more tender. Try it - you will be amazed.

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